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Terms and Conditions

These terms and condition control your access and the use of content, website, data, and services provided on or through the website. Invests secure 7 and other persons are exempted from liability or limit their liability and consist of essential items that should be read.

The Use of Website

The website is consist of content, web pages, sounds, images, text, design, graphics and any other important information contained is made available for informational purposes only. You are allowed to view and print out web pages from the website for informational, personal and non-commercial use, but you may not be allowed to reproduce, copy, collect, modify, republish or list or register any of the content on the website without Invest Secure 7 approval. Except it is deliberately allowed by Invest Secure 7, you are not permitted to use the website and its content for any commercial purposes.

All information concerning the companies that Invest Secure 7 may want to invest has been collected from the particular company as of the time posted. Invest Secure 7 has no responsibility of whatsoever for the completeness or correctness of that information. Invest Secure 7 also assume no responsibility for updating the information immediately it is noticed incorrect or after the information was posted.

Any information provided on the website concerning any investment company is agreed by you and it is only for your own personal, non-commercial use and benefit relating to making or holding an Invest Secure 7 terms and for no other reason. No information of any sort should be shared, distributed, disposed or sales transfer in any way or to allow such information to be used by or for the benefit of any other person or entity.

The website content is not designed for distribution to any person or jurisdiction where such use may be against the local law or regulation.


  • You are in charge of keeping any login details concerning your account.
  • You shall be in agreement with us not to access or try to access our website via any unethical, automated or irregular manner.
  • You are not to engage in any activities that may interrupt or interfere with the functionality of our pages, it is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not to make the attempt to copy, reproduce, duplicate or sell any available content in our website, it is strictly prohibited.
  • Invest Secure 7 is listed on several blogs, forums, monitors and investment websites. You are not to post any information about Invest Secure 7 in any communication platform as mentioned. You are to be in agreement that you will not upload any content that is threatening, illegal, abusive, defamatory, harassing, nor actively break the terms of law or agreement on any trademark or copyright, nor consists any type of illegal or unwanted advertising nor pretend to be any person.

Trade-Mark and Copyright Notices

Invest Secure 7 website content is copyright protected and owned or controlled by Invest Secure 7 or the party recognized as the provider of the content. Invest Secure 7 and all other unique words, slogans, phrases or logo concerning Invest Secure 7 are brands of Invest Secure 7, whether registered or unregistered, and without the prior written consent of Invest Secure 7, the content may not be used.

Restrictions On Use Of The Website

  • You may not be able to use the website to engage in any illegal activity or to infringe Invest Secure 7 except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions. Further agreement will be reached that you and your agent will not be permitted:
  • In any way to republish, modify, post, upload, sell, transmit or distribute the website content without the prior written permission of Invest Secure 7
  • To reverse engineer, translate, disassemble the content of the website.
  • To remove any labels or proprietary notices on website content.
  • To plagiarize, violate or infringe on the rights of any third party as well as copyright, privacy or publicity, trademark, contractor other private or proprietary rights.
  • In any way interfere with the operation of the website, or interfere with any person use or enjoyment to gain unlawful access to another computer, including Invest Secure 7.
  • By any means transmit any harassing, illegal, libelous, abusive, defamatory, or harmful or threatening material that encourages criminal offense and gives rise to civil liability.
  • By any means impersonate any person or entity on or via the website.
  • By any means reproduce, copy, modify, lease, sell, scrape content.

Availability of Products and Services

All product and services referenced or included on the website are usually available worldwide. Invest Secure 7 has the right to make the final say on whether you are eligible to any particular product or service or not, with a loan or financing.

Seek Personalized Advice

Invest Secure 7 website is for information purposes or generally descriptive purposes only. It is important you get a qualified professional adviser for yourself before making any investment or any related financial issue that is based upon any information provided on the website

All Invest Secure 7 products and services are focused on the terms and condition of the relevant agreements governing their use.

Links to Third Party Sites

The third party websites are linked from the website which may contain some images. Invest Secure 7 controls the linked sites and yet not responsible for the content of any linked site. Invest secure 7 provides these links to you as a convenience and any inclusion of any link doesn’t mean approval by Invest Secure 7 of the site or any involvement with its operators.

It is just between you and the third party in any dealings if you use any linked link, with the delivery of payment for services and any other terms and condition, or warranties. Any disclosure of your personal data by the third party will be completely governed by the third part’s privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

Invest Secure 7 will occasionally use cookies in order to provide better service. A cookie is a little information that a website stores on a computer which is later retrieved by the browser. The website cannot read the cookie except the person that set the cookie. Invest Secure 7 uses cookies for some administrative reasons. They permit Invest Secure 7 store information that you have already told Invest Secure 7. However, Invest Secure 7 will not have to ask you again. Most cookies last only through a single visit or session.

General Term

Invest Secure 7 is only responsible for the content of this website. Invest secure 7 run the website from the UK. The use of the website and these terms and condition will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. The court in the UK shall resolve any dispute arising under these terms and conditions. In any Jurisdiction, you shall agree not to bring any lawful action against Invest Secure 7 except the United Kingdom and such consent should be reported to the Jurisdiction.