Privacy Policy

Invest Secure 7 – invest today secure tomorrow under no condition will not disclose or send personal data and information of its clients to any third persons.

We do not send data or information of your income to fiscal institutions in your country of residence, in spite of any presence or request from them. Such data will only be sent at your personal request, with your consent, and upon receiving a written document and a court order, to provide the required information. The only information displayed to the public is the only statistic that includes the time of contribution as well as the data, nick or username on the site and used payment systems.

The real names of the clients are not publicly displayed on the Invest Secure 7 website or anywhere. Clients have the right to come up and use any username or nickname except words that banned offensive, abusive, or racist words and phrases.

So, it is advised to use Bitcoin as a means of payment if you want to maximize confidentiality.