General Questions

Invest Secure 7-Invest today secure tomorrow is a British multinational corporation headquartered in London.
Invest Secure 7 – Invest today Secure tomorrow is one of the major leaders in currency trading, commodity trading, real estate investment and start-up investment corporation.
One of the main advantages we have over our competitor is that we offer legal share certificate for every investor with any amount deposit. We provide risk control system to ensure that their funds are handled effectively; we also provide the best management system, ensuring our investors are getting higher levels of safety.
Invest secure 7 website provides information and services on online investment and also provides an individual account to every registered user to perform investment activities with Invest Secure 7.
Any person or company from any country can open an account with us. We are glad to accept investors all over the world. Accepting our terms of service is the only condition.
The management strategy is responsible for this which includes the volume of assets in the investment and the plan of the structure. Profitable funds require larger deposits from investors, that is the more resources spent on fund management, the greater the profit will be.
You need to open a free account to become a client of Invest Secure 7 – Invest today secure tomorrow. It is not time-consuming when opening an account, an opportunity will be provided for you to become an investor and as well earn a profit. For more information, please check our Get Started page.
You can create only one account for your self. If we'll find any one having more than one account with IS7, we reserve the right the disable such accounts. Please note that we will not refund the amount available in the account after violating our TOS.
Please go to Home Page to review our investments offers.

Several important questions involving the investing process

We accept Perfect Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payza at the moment.
Perfect Money is instant while Bitcoin, Skrill & Payza will take 48 hours maximum.
Yes! $50 is the minimum investment amount, while there is no limit for maximum amount.
Through the internet, you can access your account information 24 hours, seven days a week.
It will not be more than 48 hours, the funds are usually available from few hours.
The reasons are as follows: • The e-currency account number that needs to be when registering is missing or not correct • If you have balance limit that is imposed on your e-currency account, what you should do is to contact e-currency provider to solve this problem.
We don't send money via wire transfer.
We do not give any money back guarantee, any investment which has been made by the investor will be invested and he/she will get profit and return after the investment period of time.
Use the calculator available on Home Page.
There is always a risk involve when it comes to the investment of money. For instance, in a case of unfavorable global issues which are not under the logical control of the management of the company? Commodity trading, Currency Trading, Crypto-Currency Trading, Real Estate investment and Start-up investing are often seen as the riskiest form of investments in the major market and however, sufficient skills and experience are required. By protecting our clients from known trading risks, we have a stabilization fund in place.
We have adequate security measures in a wide array to protect your account. All transferred information is SSL-encrypted and we use a licensed script. Our website is completely protected against DDos attacks and few online security certificates are also utilized. In our main page, some of them can be seen. With a firewall installed on our website, it is located on a dedicated server.

Questions About Referral Program

Multilevel referral commission is used by the affiliate program. Please visit our Affiliate Page Here for more details.
There is a personal affiliate link. The referral commission is instantly sent to your account balance. E-currency is the only way to withdraw the referral bonus which your referral made use of to make a deposit. For instance, you may only withdraw your referral bonus in Perfect Money if your referral used Perfect Money to deposit.
In your main account menu, you will find referral link while our banners on the "Referral links" page. Also, it can be clicked on it "Our Banners".

our question is not answered in the FAQs section, please contact the Support Team. Please click the "Contact Us" button on the right-hand side of the screen menu or use our "Live Chat". Our Support Team will add your question in FAQ section if our team will find it useful. We also look forward to your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.