Anti-Spam Policy

Invest Secure 7 – invest today secure tomorrow is aimed at providing its customers with superior quality service. We put into consideration our customers’ privacy and providing our customers with the best atmosphere for creating internet businesses is our priority. This is why we present to you our Anti-Spam Policy to guarantee that we don’t allow spam activities in association with our services.

At Invest Secure 7 we do not partake or encourage any form of spam activities. We will never disclose emails or any personal information of our clients to any third party, neither will we sell or rent clients information to a third party. Please notify us immediately if you notice any of our products and services being involved in any spamming activity.

The Definition of Spam

Spam is an unwanted or irrelevant message sent through the internet to multiple recipients. Spam messages are often intrusive, offensive and it’s basically a waste of valuable resources. Spam messages are emails of no permission which are generally predicted and associated with pre-existing relationships either business or personal. Inappropriate newsletter activities, consisting of too much posting of the same materials to multiple newsgroups, are also considered to be spam.

Spam means an unwanted email that is sent to a person without his/her request or permission. Spam messages are sent in different ways. Along with emails, there can also be inappropriate posts on chat-sites, SMS, newsgroups, etc.

What Does Our Anti-Spam Policy comprise of?

Invest Secure 7 customers during registration to product and services have accepted the Terms and Conditions, to abide by this Anti-Spam Policy. Specifically, customers agree to not using the products and services of Invest Secure 7 - invest today secure tomorrow to send spontaneous emails or bulk email, whether or not for commercial purposes.

Invest Secure – invest today secure tomorrow reserve the right in their discretion to determine what constitutes actionable spam, as well as the appropriate response to such spam activities. Any member caught in any form of spamming activity will have their membership canceled and their personal details will be sent to the appropriate authorities. Members are permitted to post messages advertising Invest Secure 7 only on appropriate platforms or in chat rooms that permit such postings. In any other case, such postings will be measured as spam and such member will have their account terminated. You are obliged to notify us in case you want to post or advertise Invest Secure 7 materials on any forum or private groups where such posting are allowed.

if you are found guilty of spamming in any hostile way, your Invest Secure 7 – invest today secure tomorrow account will be terminated, your referrals will be deleted from our system and you will be banned irreplaceably. In this case, you will lose all of your referrals.

Assume Measures

We do not use spam as a means of promoting our services as well as our website. As such, if you receive any spam message, we are not a part and have nothing to do with it. No third party is involved in our business affairs.

We will never send spam

Every information letter will be published on the official Invest Secure 7 – invest today secure tomorrow website. If you receive any spam, please inform our Customer Service about spamming immediately. Please send a message containing the full spam e-mail header and a copy of the spam e-mail to and we will take a swift action about the spammer’s email.